SDK Features

Litho beta release 0.6.1 (2020-05-14)

Laser Pointer Litho hands you an accurate laser pointer that you can use to select and manipulate objects in AR. The flexible laser can also convey virtual forces such as weight, drag and pull.
Object Manipulation Move and rotate objects in space with precision using the two different grips LITHO currently supports: Point and Clutch.
Haptic Feedback The SDK allows you to trigger an array of haptic events on your Litho device.
Touch Pad A capacitive touchpad on the underside of the device provides you with accurate (x,y) coordinates.
Clean UI The Unity SDK comes with a clean UI system to use and modify in projects. The UI lets you easily connect a Litho device to your phone, and takes you through the Litho onboarding process.
Spatial Menu The SDK comes with a couple of nifty tools for you to hold objects in place and keep them organized. Duplicating, removing and positioning objects is made easy thanks to virtual fixtures that help guide your AR experience.
Litho Emulator You can now develop for Litho without connecting a device. The emulator lets you quickly test your designs in the Unity editor using your mouse and keyboard. This saves time and creates the possibility to develop with Litho without the need for an actual device.

Required software & hardware

Litho Litho Device iOS iPhone with iOS 12 Android Android 7+ (experimental)
You need a Litho device running the latest firmware. If you don’t have a Litho you can purchase one here. Litho uses Apple’s ARKit 2.0 and is supported on iOS devices running at version 12.2 or higher. Litho uses Google’s AR Core and is supported on Android 7 or above, have a look here for a more detailed list with devices.
Unity Unity 2019.3 MacOS 10.14+MacOS 10.14+ Windows Windows (experimental)
Litho is currently tested on Unity 2019.3, which can be downloaded here. Developing with Litho is currently supported on MacOS, with Xcode version 10.2 and above. On Windows, Bluetooth support is alpha-quality. However, it is possible to develop and build your projects using the Litho emulator in the Unity Editor.